David Whitwell

David Whitwell studied conducting at the Akademie für Musik, Vienna, with Hans Swarowsky, and with Eugene Ormandy. He has conducted resident ensembles in Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Wales, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Bolivia, Peru, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and the United States, among them the Philadelphia Orchestra, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Radio Orchestras of Brno and Bratislava, and The National Youth Orchestra of Israel. David Whitwell was named as one of six men who have determined the course of American bands during the second half of the twentieth century, in the definitive history, The Twentieth Century American Wind Band (Meredith Music), and he is one of nine men described by Paula A. Crider in The Conductor’s Legacy (Chicago: GIA, 2010) as ‘the legendary conductors’ of the twentieth century.

By clicking on the "Additional Books by David Whitwell" link to the right, additional publications by David Whitwell can be found: among them numerous arti­cles on wind lit­er­a­ture, a variety of books including his signature 13-volume His­tory and Lit­er­a­ture of the Wind Band and Wind Ensem­ble and 8-volume series on Aes­thet­ics in Music, and an assortment of classic scores and videos.

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